Tailor-made cutting edges

Cut edges are fast cooled or quenched and tempered hot rolled profiles characterized by high hardness and good impact strength. They are produced in different shape, dimension and hardness.

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Advantages of using Abraservice’s cutting edges

  1. Time saving – Abraservice will produce and stock tailor made cutting edges to ensure fast deliveries.
  2. Cost savings – Abraservice manufactures wear components basing on wear resistant steels and we know how to do it in order to minimize material damage.
  3. Fast deliveries – Abraservice production will keep wear resistant components no matter if it is tailor made or contract job.
  4. Customer’s focus on own products – Abraservice is expert in wear resistant steel processing and solutions. Let us do processing and stick to Your own business/Let us do what we do best.
  5. Safety – Abraservice as expert in wear resistant steels and their processing will chose right steel for any application as well as will process wear components according to recommendations.
hardox® 450 cutting edge

Order tailor-made cutting edges

As the European leader of wear resistant solutions, Abraservice can also produce custom-made weld-on or bolt-on bucket edges to suit your machinery from a wide range of steel plate products. We manufacture edges for all kinds of industries, and for a variation of machinery such as dozers, loaders and scrapers.

By producing cutting edges from Hardox® wear plate they can be made thicker and tougher as well as having the benefit as being easier to process on than any other wear resistant steel on the market. Hardox® wear plate ranges from 0.7mm up to 160mm, and hardness between 350 HBW to over 600 HBW, and can be used in temperatures from -40°C to 500°C.

tailor-made edges
cutting edge application
cutting edge