Construction and yellow goods wear parts

Yellow goods can be broken down into a variety of equipment: construction & deconstruction sites, railway industry, handling, harbor works, dragging and boring, wood industry.

Durable wear parts for hard-working equipment

Whenever there is a building project going on, yellow machines are vital to the process. Unexpected downtime for a machine due to wear-related repairs or breakdowns must be avoided. Don’t gamble with your wear parts. Make sure they are made from premium steel and manufactured to the highest standards. That’s the way we make them at Abraservice.

With years of expertise in the field, we offer top-quality construction wear parts and wear solutions for all types of roadbuilding and construction equipment. If you don't have machine drawings on hand, we can craft custom-fit replacement parts by taking precise measurements of your existing components. This will ensure that our wear parts meet your desired service life. You can trust us to keep your machinery running smoothly.

Don't hesitate to reach out. We'd be happy to provide suggestions on how you can extend the service life of your wear-challenged equipment and reduce the need for maintenance.

Yellow goods

Improving the performance of your wear parts

When it comes to manufacturing replacement parts, we've got it covered. We refine the design and carefully select the right steel grade for the job at hand. As a result, these parts tend to perform better and last longer than their original counterparts.



snow blower

Snow blowers

asphalt dryer

Asphalt dryer

Hard-working cutting edges

Cutting edges with various profiles and beveling can be made from steels with hardnesses of up to 600 HBW. The edges are beveled and have holes drilled to fit your equipment. The steel grades we offer can function in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 400°C.

Cutting edges

Customized for your yellow goods equipment

Here are a few examples of the types of equipment for which we manufacture wear parts and components. If you don't see what you're looking for on this list, don't worry! We can create wear parts for any type of equipment.

scraper blades

Scraper blades





loader bucket

Loader buckets

snow plough

Snow plough

asphalt scrappers

Asphalt scraper

Premium steels for premium wear parts

Hardox® wear plate

Hardox® wear plate

Hardox® wear plate is a hard and tough steel. It makes your equipment perform better and last longer when used as wear parts for yellow goods equipment.

Toolox® engineering and tool steel

Toolox® engineering and tool steel

Toolox® is a prehardened engineering and tool steel, ready to be used without additional heat treatment. Toolox® has high hardness but is still easy to machine.

Strenx® performance steel

Strenx® performance steel

Strenx® is a high-strength steel, perfect for making stronger and lighter load-bearing structures. It’s available in strengths from 600 to 1300 MPa.