Concrete plant parts

We offer Hardox® wear plates and Duroxite® overlays — plates, pipes, pins, and welding consumables — as well as complete fabricated wear parts to solve the extreme abrasion challenges found throughout concrete plants — even in your mix trucks.

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Duroxite® CCO overlays for wear-prone concrete plant equipment

Applying Duroxite® CCO overlays to your most wear-prone parts can greatly extend their service life while reducing maintenance bottlenecks. With abrasion resistance ranging from 0.18 g max to 0.07 g max (ASTM G65 Procedure A weight loss), the Duroxite® overlay performance guarantee assures you consistent wear properties down to 75% of the overlay thickness. 

We offer a variety of wear plate solutions, including Duroxite® overlays on Hardox® base plates for exception wear- and impact-resistance, as well as Duroxite® pipes and pins. And with Duroxite® welding wire, you have the flexibility to make own overlay wear solutions on-site.


Hardox® wear plates for AR and impact resistance in concrete plants

Hardox® wear plate finds multiple uses in through the concrete plant, including AR (abrasion-resistant) mixer drums, paddles, buckets, planetary floor liners, and concrete mixer truck drums.

Concrete mixer with Duroxite

Concrete Batch Mixer with Duroxite®


Concrete Batch Mixer with Duroxite®

Paddles and buckets

Paddles and buckets

Working with world-class steels

Duroxite overlay bucket


Product range is targeted at different types of wear, such as abrasion, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear. Duroxite® is particularly well suited to fighting sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles such as minerals containing quartz.

Hardox® wear plate

Hardox® wear plate

Hardox® wear plate is a hard and tough steel. It makes your equipment perform better and last longer when used as wear parts for yellow goods equipment.