Hardox® pipes and tubes: tough, with extreme wear resistance

Hardox® tubes and pipes are as hard and tough as our wear plate, offering outstanding abrasion resistance with high strength for structural applications. These 400 HBW and 500 HBW pipes and tubes are through-hardened and can replace costly wear products like hardfaced overlay pipes and high-chrome white iron tubes.

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High-strength, abrasion-resistant pipes for longer equipment life

Extend your equipment’s service life by 2x, 5x or more. Hardox® wear-resistant pipes let you convey highly abrasive materials like wet concrete, wet coal ash, slurries, sand, gravel, and soil. Do you fabricate equipment for heavy industries, like mining, cement, recycling, dredging or steel? Hardox® 400 Tubes and Hardox® 500 tubes also provide high structural strength for screening buckets, agricultural harvesters, and other tough, abrasive applications.

Advantages of Hardox® steel tubes and pipes

  • Up to 5x the service life of mild steel pipes
  • Extended service life means less maintenance and downtime
  • Guaranteed through-hardened throughout the pipe wall
  • Higher strength tubes enable lighter-in-weight structures
  • 40 different standard sizes and wall thicknesses
  • Also available in custom pipe sizes
  • Much lighter than non-weldable cast wear pipe
  • Strong and tough enough for high-strength tubular structures

Typical abrasion-resistant piping and tubing applications

  • Concrete pumper truck pipes
  • Slurry pipes for mine tailings, ores, wet ash, soil, gravel, etc.
  • Dredging pipes and dredging equipment
  • Dust collection pipes
  • Conveying corn, cereal, and other products
  • Structural tubular applications in screening buckets and other heavy-duty attachments
  • Applications needing greater strength, tighter tolerances, and superior finishes

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AR pipe vs. mild steel pipe vs. cast wear pipe

While mild steel pipe has good strength and impact resistance, it doesn’t last long when conveying hard, abrasive particles. On the other hand, cast wear pipe is heavy, brittle, non-weldable, and not a good option when subjected to movement from pressure surges. Abrasion-resistant (AR) steel pipe like high-strength Hardox® pipe is lighter in weight – easing installation – and more durable for withstanding wear and movement.


Pressure testing the strength of Hardox® steel tubes

We have extensive pressure testing data on Hardox® round steel tubes. All dimensions of Hardox® 400 tubes withstood peak pressures of 8.70 ksi (60 MPa) for at least six hours, while the Hardox® 500 tubes withstood 12.33 ksi (85 MPa).


Guaranteed uniform properties enable workshop excellence

All Hardox® AR pipes and tubes began with lean proprietary chemistries and outstanding steel cleanliness, laying the groundwork for their highly consistent workshop properties. They are roll-formed and plasma-welded prior to quenching, so the mechanical properties of the weld are the same as the rest of the tube. This, combined with our through-hardness, results in an exceptionally uniform and reliable steel pipe.

Highly uniform wear pipe enables your workshop to be more consistent, precise, and efficient. While some workshops fear the famous Hardox® hardness, Hardox® tubes and pipes can be readily cut, milled, drilled, and welded using standard shop practices.

Hardox® 400 Tube and Hardox® 500 Tubes comply with standard EN 10210 in terms of dimension tolerances and testing.


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