Hardox® round bars: guaranteed, through-hardened wear resistance

Hardox® hot-rolled round steel bars are a unique combination of hardness, toughness, and weldability, suitable for heavy-duty applications including downhole drilling, mining, engineering, machining, agricultural and construction equipment, such as rod mills, quick couplers, and sieve buckets. Ready-to-use, versatile Hardox® round bars come preheat treated with a guaranteed through-hardnesses, high toughness, and excellent weldability.

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400 HBW hard, 65 Charpy V tough, 145 ksi YS strong

State-of-the-art heat treatment and careful alloying allow us to reach the same hardness level (min. 90%) at the core of the round bar as on its surface. Alloying is further optimized for consistent behavior based on the hot-rolled steel rod’s thickness and grade. While hardness fights abrasion, Hardox® round bar’s toughness also makes it impact resistant to Charpy V 65 at -40°F/-40°C.

Highly weldable and workshop friendly

Hardox® hot-rolled steel bars are ideal for replacing parts previously cut and shaped from steel plate. Easy to both weld and machine, Hardox® steel rods require no preheating — saving you time and workshop costs. With its exceptional weldability, any conventional welding process can be used to weld Hardox® round bars to any other weldable steel. Hardox® round rods have been successfully turned to very high tolerances by expert machining centers for applications such as axles, pins, and couplings.


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Hardox round bars
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The Workshop properties for Hardox® 400 round bar
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Hardox® 400 Round bar turning recommendations
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Hardox® 400 Round bar band sawing recommendations

Hot-rolled round bars with guaranteed strength and fatigue resistance

Hardox® round bars combine their high strength and impact toughness with fatigue resistance that is comparable to ingot-casted steel rods. Available as-rolled or with bright surfaces, Hardox® round bars are an upgrade solution for manufacturers of wear-resistant tools, attachments, and machinery. 

Also see our EN30B specification round bars and Astralloy-V® round bar.


Welding, bending, and machining

Recommendations can be found in brochures below. Hardox® 400 is not intended for further heat treatment. It has obtained its mechanical properties by quenching and, when necessary, by means of subsequent tempering. The properties of the delivery condition cannot be retained after exposure to temperatures more than 480ºF.

Appropriate health and safety precautions must be taken when welding, cutting, grinding, or otherwise working on this product. Grinding, especially of primer coated plates, may produce dust with a high particle concentration.

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Welding of Hardox®


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Dimension program Hardox® Round bars
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