Astralloy-V® round bars: tough and hard to their inner core

Astralloy-V® round bars have a 27 ft. lbs. longitudinal @RT toughness and a uniform hardness (340 BHN) throughout their entire mass, so they can absorb high impacts without cracking. Delivered through-hardened to their core, Astralloy-V® abrasion-resistant round bars further work harden to 550 BHN. An excellent combination of toughness and hardness, Astralloy-V® wear-resistant round bars’ ultra-fine grain structure and low-carbon level enable better machinability than liquid-quenched and tempered alloys.

Round steel bars maintain toughness and hardness without brittleness

Astralloy-V® round wear bars are air quenched/hardened, creating uniform hardness throughout the entire thickness of the bar, providing excellent wear resistance and slidability. Astralloy-V® round bars maintain both their toughness and hardness – without brittleness – down to -75°F (-60°C) and can withstand temperatures up to 1100°F (593°C).

Astralloy-V® round bars’ oxide (mill) surface quickly wears off, exposing a slick, durable surface. Impact and sliding action increase the bars’ hardenability up to 550 BHN without the bars deforming or becoming brittle. Astralloy-V® abrasion-resistant round bars can be hot worked and allowed to air cool without loss of hardness or toughness – and without warping.

Typical applications for our hot-rolled Astralloy-V® round bars including downhole drilling tools, high duty gears, pinions, areo-engine connection rods, differential shafts and other transmission components, airframe forgings, heavy roller bearings, breech mechanism, and small arms components. Also see our EN30B specification round bars and Hardox® round bars.


Chemical composition* – % weight

C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo
0.29 1.05 0.015 0.010 0.35 3.90 1.75 0.45

Physical properties – typical values at 68°F

BHN Hardness Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elognation in 2" Charpy Test Toughness Index
320–388 175 ksi 153 ksi 15% 27 ft. lbs. Longitudinal @ RT

Note: the data contained here are accurate at time of publishing, and intended for use as a general guide.
*Typical maximum values. Mill certifications are available upon request.



Astralloy-V Round Bar