Engineering and fabricating services for custom wear parts

Abraservice analyzes your abrasion-resistant requirements so we can engineer and fabricate custom, higher-performing, longer-lasting wear parts. We use industry-leading materials, including Hardox® wear plate, Duroxite® CCO overlay, advanced high-strength Strenx® structural steel, EN30B round bars, and abrasion-resistant tubes and pipes to keep your crucial industrial processes running with much longer service intervals.

Extensive wear engineering experience in critical industries

Our wear part customers include mines, quarries, cement plants, concrete plants, recycling operations, steel mills — wherever abrasion has the potential to stop production in its tracks. We help operations address their wear bottlenecks, developing cost-effective, custom wear parts that optimize the use of high-performance, abrasion- and impact-resistant steels and overlays.

Wear part engineering, processing, and fabricating services

thin material cutting

Precision laser cutting of AR steel and overlays

In addition to our CNC plasma and oxyfuel cutting services, we are proud to offer highly advanced fiber laser cutting, capable of cutting our toughest Hardox® wear plates, Duroxite® CCO overlays, and Armox® and Ramor® plates – up to 1” thick – with a ± .005” tolerance. Able to cut complex patterns with ease and speed, the automated laser process also allows us to cut up to two full 96”x288” Hardox® wear plates in the same operation.


Duroxite® CCO hardfaced parts

We offer multiple Duroxite® CCO hardfacing options: You can bring us your existing wear part and we’ll expertly depose Duroxite® overlay onto it, significantly extending the part’s service life. Or you can have us reverse-engineer your existing parts and we’ll manufacture new parts using Duroxite® overlay protection. Or we can sell you Duroxite® CCO welding wire so you can apply it directly to your parts at your site.

Overlay plate

Duroxite® overlay plates, liners, and fabrications

Duroxite® overlay plates provide extreme wear- and impact-resistance in numerous highly abrasion applications, including earthmoving, crushing, shredding, abrasives handling, scraping, shoveling, and conveying. We manufacture Duroxite® overlay plates on our own specially designed deposition tables, enabling expert quality control over the entire process. You can buy full Duroxite® overlay plates or plates cut-to-order.

Drilling and CNC machining

Machined wear parts made from Hardox® wear plates and Duroxite® overlay plates

Our highly experienced operators know exactly how to approach the machining of our hard, tough, strong abrasion-resistant steels and overlays. For example, we make wear plate liners with mounting holes that exactly match your equipment, making liner replacement a simple “bolt on” process. We provide:

  1. Drilling
  2. Tapping
  3. Countersinking
  4. Counterboring
  5. Key slotting
  6. Plow bolt holes


Press and roll bending

Bending wear plates

Many machine shops are intimidated at the thought of bending advanced high strength steel, which can be as strong as 290 KSI and as hard as 640 HBW. But we’re experts at the precision bending of strong, hard, abrasion-resistant plates – using the recommended tooling, press brake parameters, and required bending force. With proper engineering, precision press brake bending of abrasion-resistant plate can frequently eliminate or reduce the need for welding while maintaining the steel’s “as delivered” mechanical properties.


Rolling AR plates

To produce rounded shapes of abrasion-resistant plate, we use powerful rollers capable of bending up to 4” thick Hardox® wear plates with 30” widths. Rolled wear parts that we produce include:

  1. Bucket liners
  2. Rings
  3. Cylinders
  4. Cones
  5. Conical segments
  6. And other rolled components – made to your exacting specifications
Welded fabrications

Expert abrasion-resistant welding

To best preserve the wear properties of our abrasion-resistant steels, care must be taken when welding to minimize the heat affected zones (HAZs). This requires using the appropriate welding parameters and practices. Even more important is locating, whenever possible, welded joints away from the heaviest loads. Our engineers will select the most appropriate weld locations and welding consumables, balancing the weld properties (i.e., hardness and strength vs. impact toughness) based how your wear component is used in your operations.

Round bars

Cut-to-length EN30B/835M30 and Astralloy-V® round bars

We stock medium- and large-diameter EN30B/835M30 and Astralloy-V® round bars with impact resistance of CVN 45 ft. lbs. @RT and tensile strengths up to 160 KSI (1100 MPa). Typical applications for our EN30B/835M30 and Astralloy-V® round bars include downhole drilling tools, high-duty gears, pinions, aeroengine connection rods, differential shafts and other transmission components, airframe forgings, heavy roller bearings, breech mechanisms, and small arms components.


Complete fabricated assemblies

Beyond individual wear parts, we can fabricate complete wear assemblies for the most abrasive applications, including grizzly bar seats, hammers, lip shrouds, troughs, paddles, pulverizer jaws, rakes, rigging, ripper points, bucket side cutters, cutting edges, conveyor floor plates, cradles, flighting, augers, heel shrouds, delimbing knives, forklift forks, stump grinder discs and more.

3D scanning

3D Scanning: reverse engineering of wear parts

Using FARO® D3 scanning measurement technology, we can reverse engineer virtually any wear part or assembly. We then create highly accurate blueprints that allow us to precisely upgrade your wear components with longer-lasting AR grades – frequently at reduced weights, allowing for increased carrying capacities. Field service repairs offered on a limited basis; please inquiry.