Steel bars, wear plates, overlays, tubes, pipes and high-strength structural steels

Abraservice offers materials and fabricated wear parts built with Hardox® plates, Duroxite® overlays, Toolox® bars, Strenx® structural and Astralloy-V® steels. We also provide expert steel selection advice to help you solve heavy-duty industrial challenges, including abrasion, impact, high temperatures, conveyance, tooling — even acidic conditions.



Bars like Hardox bars have exceptional properties that are easy to use in many different applications and industries. They have great hardness and resistance properties.

Bucket with Hardox®

Wear-resistant steels

Also known as abrasion-resistant steels are quenched steels to obtain hard martensitic microstructure. Due to high hardness, they have high mechanical properties which allow them to increase the lifetime of wear parts as well as significantly decrease the weight of equipment. Despite high hardness, abrasion-resistant steels can be bent, welded, cut, and machined with all common methods.


High strength steels

High strength steel is a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties and greater resistance to corrosion than conventional carbon steel. High strength steels are steels with yield strength levels in excess of 550 MPa.


Tubes and pipes

Abrasion-resistant steel pipes and tubes give you extreme performance and extended service life almost anywhere you have heavy wear.