EN30B / 835M30 steel round bars: tough under high stress

EN30B / 835M30 steel round bars are CVN 45 ft. lbs @ RT tough, 160 KSI UTS strong, and 320-360 BHN wear resistant, making them ideal for downhole tools, rock drilling bit bodies, heavy duty construction tools, and heavy-duty shafts and rolls.

Excellent impact, strength, and wear resistance for high-stress equipment

EN30B / 835M30 steel alloy round bars achieve their high, through-hardness via vacuum air quenching/hardening, making them hard, tough, and strong all the way to their inner core.

EN30B / 835M30 round bars can be used in applications and equipment demanding high impact- and wear-resistance combined with high tensile strength. Typical applications include downhole drilling tools and small press hammers, rams, anvils, and punch holders. They are also found in cold chisels, clutch keys, crimping tools, racks, pinions, and angle pins for pressure die casting tools. Also see our Astralloy-V® round bars.


Chemical composition* – %weight

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Physical properties – typical values at 68°F (20°C)

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Note: the data contained here are accurate at time of publishing, and intended for use as a general guide.
*Typical maximum values. Mill certifications are available upon request.


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EN30B Round Bar