Bars like Hardox bars have exceptional properties that are easy to use in many different applications and industries. They have great hardness and resistance properties.

Astralloy-V Round Bar

Astralloy-V Round Bar

Astralloy-V Round Bar® Astralloy-V round bars have the same chemistry, uniform toughness and hardness as plate, from surface to core. Astralloy-V’s ultra-fine grain structure, free of massive carbide particles due to its lower carbon content, provides better machinability at its higher strength/hardness level than quenched and tempered alloys.

EN30B Round Bar

EN30B Round Bar

EN30B Round Bar is a 4.5% Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum through hardening steel which has the ability to harden in fairly large sections, giving strengths of over 1550N/mm². Due to its high hardenability, these strengths are achievable by air from the hardening temperature. This steel is used for applications requiring high tensile strengths for which more drastic quenches would produce distortion or cracking, especially in parts of intricate design.

Hardox round bars

Hardox® Bars

Hardox® bar products are reliable in extending the service life of equipment. Both hot-rolled and bright bar are available with unparalleled weldability.

Toolox round bars

Toolox® Round Bars

Pre-hardened, precise, predictable steel, now in round bars.