Asphalt plants wear parts with longer service life

Asphalt plants undergo severe wear due to the mixing of highly abrasive aggregate at high temperatures. Our experience with extremely abrasive commodities (concrete, coal, mineral mining and refining, recycling) and elevated temperatures (steel foundries, coal power plants), makes Abraservice uniquely qualified to help extend the life of your asphalt plant wear parts.

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Wear solutions for asphalt plants

Abraservice manufactures asphalt plant wear parts that have been re-engineered for significantly longer service life. We do this by leveraging our proprietary range of abrasion-resistant (AR), corrosion-resistant (CR), high-temperature, or CCO overlay wear plates. Our engineers help you choose the most appropriate wear plate for each application, so you aren’t paying for unnecessary properties — only what you need for greatly improved uptime.

High-temperature abrasion protection for dryer tubes, mixers, coated transport

  • Hardox® HiTemp plate: cost-efficient wear resistance for 300–500°C range.
  • Toolox® 44 steels: pre-hardened steels for tools and engineering components found in asphalt plants.
  • Duroxite® 100 plate: maintains full wear resistance up to 350°C, with a typical surface hardness of 55 HRC at elevated temperatures up to 540°C.
  • Duroxite® 200 plate: double-layer overlay maintains full wear resistance up to 600° C (1100° F)


Additional asphalt plant wear solutions

Problem solver for asphalt’s high temperature wear: Hardox® HiTemp

Some areas of asphalt plants see temperatures over 400°C, but traditional quenched and tempered (Q&T) wear-resistant steels experience a loss of hardness above 300°C.

By using high-quality raw materials processed in a carefully controlled milling process, Hardox® HiTemp is especially made for abrasive service in the 300°C to 500°C temperature range. A quenched and tempered martensitic wear plate with a typical hardness of 375 Brinell, Hardox® HiTemp also has a very high resistance to cracking and buckling. With Hardox® HiTemp, your asphalt plant’s wear parts stay in their proper shapes for a service life that’s significantly longer than traditional wear plate steels.

Asphalt plant

Examples of asphalt plant wear parts made by Abraservice


Rotary dryer fingers flights

Mixer drum

Flights plates
Dryer and recycling drum
Excavator bucket, road construction

Partial list of additional asphalt wear-resistant parts from Abraservice

  • Chute liners
  • Cone liners
  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Asphalt mixing paddles
  • Pugmill wear parts
  • Asphalt crusher parts
  • Transfer screw conveyors
  • Vibrating screen
  • Wear strips and plates


2.5x longer life: upgraded asphalt drum and mixing fins

We replaced custom steel with a 235 HB with Hardox® 450 wear plate for a dryer drum and it’s removable aggregate mixing fins; all before and after parts are 6 mm thick.

Savings and payback period vary per product. Contact us for more information about the benefits and opportunities of upgrading your applications.

Asphalt drum

Material upgrade from Custom Steel to Hardox® 450

chart over benefits of upgrading

Service life

chart over estimated service life depending of steel grade