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Supplier of wear parts and complete solutions in wear-resistant and high yield strength steels in UK and Ireland.

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A European leader in wear resistant and high yield steels, Abraservice offers its customers complete solutions, from the analysis of their needs to the supply of finished and machined parts, ready for assembly.

The experience and the technical expertise of Abraservice, the understanding of your specific requirements and the comprehensive range of products and processes enable us to offer fully tailored solutions.

Abraservice enjoys well established and mutually trusting relationship with its partners: location, experience and technical advice ensure we fully understand your needs and offer continued support following delivery and during service.

Established across Europe, Abraservice meets the requirements of customers who work in highly demanding environments, where quality and durability of the material is important: the steel industry, mines and quarries, cement works, handling, lifting and transportation, civil engineering, sugar refining, agricultural machines, paper mills.

Abraservice in UK and Ireland
Hardox® wear plate

The world’s leading wear-resistant steel

Its incomparable hardness and impact strength ensures high productivity, enhanced durability and an extended service life for the product. Hardox® is a trademark of the SSAB group of companies.

Duroxite overlay

The latest in overlay technology

Product range is targeted at different types of wear, such as wear, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear. Duroxite® is particularly well suited to fighting sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles such as minerals containing quartz.

Abramax sheets

The newest generation of multi-functional wear-resistant steel

It is a uniquely strong and exceptional product that offers high hardness, impact strength, heat resistance and increased protection in corrosive environments.


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