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We work closely with our customer’s production and maintenance teams as their partner covering everything from analysing their needs to supplying ready-to-install wear parts made from premium abrasion-resistant steels.

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Wear IQ System

The Wear IQ system addresses today's challenges in maintenance: To organize, follow-up and communicate about wear parts in crushers, shredders and other wear challenged equipment. With Wear IQ you will experience a new level on convenience and efficiency. You can track maintenance interval, replacement due dates and simplify communication within the team.

Ball Mill Inlet Upgrades

During a visit to site our customer made us aware of problems they were having with their current ball mill inlets, which experience significant abrasion daily but are a timely and inconvenient fix due to the confined space and the current procedure of welding in replacement liner plates. The difficulty in welding the liners in properly resulted in feed material getting in behind the liners and lifting them, which regularly caused blockages in the inlet and therefore increased downtime. We suggested the possibility of creating new inlets, each with hole positions already cut so liners can be bolted in and out and replaced with ease. The AUK team developed a design for the liner plate configuration and upgraded the previous inlet and liners from mild steel to our longer lasting materials.

Ball Mill Inlet Upgrades

Hardox® 600 Quarry Parts

Our customer explained that these items are exposed to severe abrasion, and being produced from Hardox® 450 they were not lasting long enough. We initially upgraded to Hardox® 500 and while the parts lasted longer there was not a sufficient increase in the wear life to suggest we could stop there. As a result, we suggested trialling Hardox® 600 and our customer has not looked back, by upgrading they have extended the wear life on these parts from 4 days to 14 days saving thousands in down time & labour costs every month.

Hardox® 600 Quarry Parts
Hardox® HiTemp Asphalt Lifter Upgrades

Hardox® HiTemp Asphalt Lifter Upgrades

Having previously been using mild steel, our customer decided to upgrade to an abrasion resistant material that can take the heat. Hardox® HiTemp measures at 400 HBW in hardness but will retain its properties in temperatures of up to 500°C making it the perfect material for lifters within an asphalt dryer where heat & abrasion can cause serious wear issues. The increase in both hardness and temperature resistance will extend the service life of the lifters, result in fewer replacements costs and improve safety thanks to less frequent shutdowns for maintenance and repairs.

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