Toolox® is engineering and tool steel delivered in quenched and tempered condition. Due to high hardness at the time of delivery, Toolox® is ready to use without additional heat treatment. Extreme steel cleanliness as well as strictly controlled alloying gives incredible mechanical and utility properties. Toolox® has high hardness but is easy to machine and it keeps dimensional stability like no other steel. Toolox® has heat resistance up to 590°C and can be nitrided as well as PVD-coated in order to increase surface hardness.

The main purpose of using Toolox® is to decrease costs. Parts made of Toolox® will have increased lifetime and can be produced faster with less processing in comparison with conventional steels for heat treatment. Toolox® is the best choice for tooling and engineering applications working in temperatures up to 590°C.

Toolox® is also available as round bars.

Dimensions, typical values

   Thickness, mm  Width/Length, mm
Toolox® 33   6–130  2000/6000
 Toolox® 44  6–130  2000/6000


Mechanical properties, typical values

   Hardness, HBW Impact strength (KV 20°C), J 
 Toolox® 33  300   35
 Toolox® 44  450   18

Hardness range (delivery condition):

Toolox® 33, 275 – 325 HBW 
Toolox® 44, 410 – 475 HBW
*Brinell hardness measured according to EN ISO 6506- 1, on a milled surface below surface typically 0,5–3 mm depending on plate thickness.

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Toolox® 33 datasheet
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Toolox® 44 datasheet