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Recycling wear parts

Profitable recycling depends on the reliable performance of the recycling equipment. Any unexpected downtime or premature replacement of parts will put your operation’s bottom line at risk. We can help you counter these challenges by providing wear parts and solutions that ensure a productive and cost-efficient operation.

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Wear parts that stand the test of time

We produce wear parts in premium steels based on drawings or by measuring existing parts and recreating well-fitting replacement parts. When retro-fitting your equipment with new wear parts, these will often last longer than the original parts. We have the experience and knowledge to make wear parts with the steel grades that are most suitable for the particular application.


Made for all recycling operations

Abraservice’s wear parts and solutions are found in all kinds of recycling industries, whether it’s for metal, glass, concrete, asphalt, tyres, plastics, wood, building materials or biomass. The following parts are some examples of common wear parts in recycling operations. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how high-performance parts can benefit your operation.



Hammer pins

Hammer pins

Liner plates

Liner plate







Trommel screens

welding shredder

Trommel screens

recycling Shredder

Wear parts for shredders and hammer mills

We make wear parts with proven performance for metal shredders, including bottom grids, top grids, bolts, anvils and liners. The parts are available for many machine models. Contact us to get the right part for your machine.

metal recycling

Metal recycling: As tough as it gets

Shredding and compacting metals requires extreme impact and sliding wear protection. At Abraservice we have special expertise in wear solutions for metal recycling, extending the service life for shredders, crushers, liners, screens and more.

Manufacturing any part you are looking for

We produce wear parts and components for a wide range of recycling equipment. You can always ask for customized parts that fit your individual equipment – we make them to your specifications in our well-equipped workshops.

Chutes and hoppers


scrap baler

Scrap balers

Hammer crusher

Hammer crushers





poly grabs


waste sorting drum

Waste sorting drums

demolition tool

Demolition tools

Premium steels for recycling

Hardox® HiAce

Hardox® HiAce fights corrosive wear

Many recycling operations have a humid and corrosive environment, making Hardox® HiAce a preferred choice. In such conditions, Hardox® HiAce slows the oxidation process, providing a service life which is almost 3 times longer than that of a conventional 450 HBW wear-resistant steel.

Toolox® engineering and tool steel

Toolox® engineering and tool steel

Toolox® is a prehardened engineering and tool steel, ready to be used without additional heat treatment. Toolox® has high hardness but is easy to machine and it retains dimensional stability like no other steel.

Hardox® wear plate

Hardox® wear plate

With its unique combination of hardness and toughness, Hardox® wear plate keeps productivity high by increasing service life and durability for every wear-challenged piece of equipment in recycling.