COR–TEN® is a weather resistant steel that is suitable to work in multiple corrosive environments. Its carefully selected chemical content as well as the production process allow it to withstand different environmental impacts. During wet and dry cycles COR–TEN® will protect itself with copper oxides which will form a patina layer on the steel’s surface. That way patina blocks or even slows further corrosion. COR–TEN® steel works very well with sulfur oxides and is not suited for submerged applications where there is no oxygen access. Typical applications for COR–TEN® steels are building facades, pipelines, chimney and ventilation shafts as well as heavy-duty transport.


Mechanical properties, minimum values*

Yield strength, MPa  Tensile strength, MPa Elongation A50, % 
345   485   20 

*Can vary on grade and thickness

Dimensions, typical*

  Thickness, mm  With/Length, mm 
COR-TEN® 0.5–12.7  1500/3000; 2000/6000 
COR-TEN® B 2–40  1500/3000; 2000/6000

*Special dimensions available on demand

COR-TEN® is a licensed brand and a part of the family of SSAB Weathering steel.

COR-TEN® logotype
Facade in COR-TEN®


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COR-TEN® Design guide
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COR-TEN® a Natural Beauty
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SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® classic steel choices for buildings and art
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    Product Name Dimensions Datasheet
    COR-TEN® A, cold rolled T: 0.50 - 3.00 mm
    W: Up to 1530 mm

    COR-TEN® A, cold rolled

    COR-TEN® A for façades T: 0.50 - 3.00 mm
    W: Up to 1530 mm

    COR-TEN® A for façades

    COR-TEN® A, hot rolled T: 2.00 - 12.70 mm
    W: Up to 3300 mm

    COR-TEN® A, hot rolled

    COR-TEN® B T: 2.00 - 40.00 mm
    W: Up to 3300 mm

    COR-TEN® B

    COR-TEN® B-D T: 2.00 - 40.00 mm
    W: Up to 3300 mm

    COR-TEN® B-D

    COR-TEN B Tube -
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