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With our new product line Abraservice is stronger than ever and ready to provide innovative steel solutions from an extensive range of materials to suit your specific requirements.

Bucket with Hardox®

Wear-resistant steels

Also known as abrasion-resistant steels are quenched steels to obtain hard martensitic microstructure. Due to high hardness, they have high mechanical properties which allow them to increase the lifetime of wear parts as well as significantly decrease the weight of equipment. Despite high hardness, abrasion-resistant steels can be bent, welded, cut, and machined with all common methods.


High strength steels

High strength steel is a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties and greater resistance to corrosion than conventional carbon steel. High strength steels are steels with yield strength levels in excess of 550 MPa.

Facade in COR-TEN®

Weathering steels

Weathering steel is a high strength low alloy weldable steel that has properties that help it resist corrosion and abrasion. It’s popular in heavy duty transport vehicles that need to endure often changing weather conditions.

Toolox® Engineering & Tool steel

Engineering & tool steels

Engineering and tool steels such as Toolox® are delivered in quenched and tempered condition. Due to high hardness at the time of delivery, they are ready to use without additional heat treatment. Extreme steel cleanliness as well as strictly controlled alloying gives incredible mechanical and utility properties.


Tubes and bars

Tubes and bars like AbraTube 600 or Hardox® tubes and bars have exceptional properties that are easy to use in many different applications and industries. They have great hardness and resistance properties.