Recycling wear parts

From metal to wood, plastic to glass, the spectrum of Abraservice know-how in recycling is as broad as the extent of materials involved.

In its many forms, recycling is a very demanding process for the equipment and wear-resistant steel is the perfect answer to the working parts lifetime challenge. With the Abraservice wear-resistant steels, you can significantly improve the efficiency and rentability of your equipment by increasing its resistance and durability.

Our expertise is the assurance we bring you the right solutions at each step of the recycling chain: loader, classifier crusher.

We can also grant your equipment some additional protection with our range of shielding solutions.


Recycling industry

Recycle industry

Sheme: waste recycling plant

1. Intermediate storage
2. Cleaning stage 1
3. Cleaning stage 2
4. Material cyclon
5. Dust cyclon
6. Diverter valve
7. Rotory valve
8. Heater
9. Flake transport blower