Abramax® Cr

Abramax® Cr is the new generation of multi-functional abrasion-resistant steel.

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Abramax® are were resistant steels with special heat resistance and corrosive environment resistance. They are delivered in quenched and tempered condition which gives them hardness of about 400 and 500 HBW and workshop friendly properties. Abramax® steels will provide increased service life in comparison to conventional steels, especially when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Abramax® gives improved processing possibilities. It comes with excellent cold forming, machining and welding properties. Its quenched and tempered microstructure provides full repeatability of forming with tight bending radii as well as a narrow and hard heat affected zone after thermal cutting and welding.

Typical application markets for Abramax® are: energy, mining, quarries, recycling, yellow goods and elevated temperature industries.

Mechanical properties, typical values

  Hardness, HBW  Yield strength, MPa  Tensile strength, MPa  Elongation A5, %  Impact strength (KV -20C), J 
Abramax® 420 Cr  400   1000   1250   12  40 
Abramax® 520 Cr  500   1200   1400   12 45 


Hardness range (delivery condition):
Abramax® 420 Cr, 370–430 HBW*
Abramax® 520 Cr, 460–530 HBW
*Brinell hardness measured according to EN ISO 6506- 1, on a milled surface below surface typically 0,5–3 mm depending on plate thickness.

Dimensions, typical*

  Thickness, mm  Width/Length, mm 
Abramax® 420 Cr  4–80  2000/6000
Abramax® 520 Cr  4–80  2000/6000 

*Special dimensions available on demand

Abramax Cr plates


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Abramax 420 Cr
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Abramax 520 Cr