Energy wear parts

In power plants, large quantities of bulk material are handled and components are exposed to high abrasion. Unless they are aptly built and protected, these equipments will lose reliability, resulting in malfunctions .

Storage solutions, pulverized coal transport, wet or dry ash cleaning and other processes involving impacts and abrasion, we can help you improving the performance and lifetime of your wear parts.


Power plant

Power plant

Highlighted areas marks relevant to tailor made tubes: Area for wear resistant Hardox®, Toolox® and Abramax® qualities, for example: to transport ash, coal and dust.

Abraservice can provide other parts to the power plant as well.

Sheme: Power plants

1. Cooling tower
2. Cooling water
3. Three-phase
4. Unit transformer
5. Three-phase electrical
6. Low pressure turbine
7. Boiler feed pump
8. Condenser
9. Intermediate pressure
10. Steam governor valve
11. High pressure turbine
12. Deaerator
13. Feed heater
14. Coal conveyor
15. Coal hopper
16. Pulverized fuel mill
17. Boiler drum
18. Ash hopper
19. Super heater
20. Forced draught fan
21. Reheater transmission line
22. Air intake
23. Economizer generator
24. Air preheater
25. Precipitator
26. Induced draught fan
27. Chimney stack turbine