Cement industry wear parts

Tightly related to steel, cement is another key material in the industry with a global production around 4,000 millions metric tons a year. The manufacturing of cement is a demanding process involving numerous steps and machines, all of which are heavily impacted by abrasion and harsh mechanical constraints.

Our knowledge in the field of anti-abrasion brings you the answer for all the issues your equipments can encounter in this severe conditions: mechanical stress, high speed projections, thermic shocks…

Our experts know how to build the most reliable equipments for cement factories. Crushers, grinders, rotary kiln, conveying pipelines, storage units, etc.

Our products and know-how make your equipment last longer in this harsh environment.

Cement industry

Cement plant and Quarries

production of cement by dry process

Cement process:
Highlighted areas marks relevant to tailor made tubes: Pipeline in front of the big burner, for the transport of recycled plastic. And: Area for wear resistant Hardox® and Abramax® qualities, for example: in lining plates, rotor blades and pipelines for the raw material transport from separator to the container.

Abraservice can provide other parts of the cement process as well.

Production of Cement by the Dry Process

1. Quarry(ies)
2. Crushing plant(s)
3. Raw material storage
4. Corrective materials
5. Feed bins
6. Raw mill
7. Raw mill
8. Electrostatic Percipitator
9. Rotary kiln
10. Clinker cooler
11. Coal mill
12. Hot gas generator
13. Cooler dedusting
14. Clinker storage
15. Gypsum
16. Mineral components
17. Cement mill
18. Filter
19. Bulk dispatch
20. Cement silo
21. Cement silo
22. Packing machine
23. Bag palletization

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Can’t find it? We can build it! We can build whatever wear part you need.

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