Abraservice meets the requirements of customers who work in highly demanding environments, where quality and durability of parts is absolutely necessary.

Segments we serve

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry wear parts

Farming is one of the oldest human activities, thus a pivotal business. It comprises the cultivation of crops,for food or biofuel, and livestock production. Working in the fields or in the food industry such as sugar factories involves a lot of abrasion and friction issues.

Cement industry

Cement industry wear parts

Tightly related to steel, cement is another key material in the industry with a global production around 4,000 millions metric tons a year. The manufacturing of cement is a demanding process involving numerous steps and machines, all of which are heavily impacted by abrasion and harsh mechanical constraints.


Energy wear parts

In power plants, large quantities of bulk material are handled and components are exposed to high abrasion. Unless they are aptly built and protected, these equipments will lose reliability, resulting in malfunctions.

Metal industry

Metal industry wear parts

Metal industry is, following mining, the next step in the process from raw materials to final products. 1,600 millions metric tons of crude steel are produced yearly.

Mine and quarry

Mine and quarry wear parts

Mining is one of the oldest industries on earth and a most essential one. This primary industry provides the ores and metals required by many manufacturing activities for further processing.


Recycling wear parts

From metal to wood, plastic to glass, the spectrum of Abraservice know-how in recycling is as broad as the extent of materials involved.

Yellow goods

Construction and yellow goods wear parts

Yellow goods can be broken down into a variety of equipment: construction & deconstruction sites, railway industry, handling, harbor works, dragging and boring, wood industry.