Creusabro technical presentation in Poland

Abraservice Polska organized a technical presentation in ZUOK Białystok aimed at leading companies in agriculture and municipal sectors as well as energy and waste disposal plants.

The Abraservice product manager presented the outstanding properties of Creusabro steels as well as its advantages over conventional wear resistant steels. Mechanical and R&D engineers from Metal Fach, Pronar, Remex, Samasz and ZUOK Białystok brought a lot of questions regarding the Creusabro steels, leading a to very technical and enriching discussion.

We are looking forward for further meetings and development projects with Creusabro steels applications.

Creusabro are wear and heat resistant steels with additional surface work hardening effect. Thanks to initial high hardness and TRIP effect, Creusabro steels provide the ultimate package of wear resistant properties which allows to increase work time of wear parts by 30 – 50% in comparison with conventional wear resistant steels.

For more technical informations about the Creusabro products, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..