Abraservice conference (ITM Polska 2018): CREUSABRO®

Abraservice Polska took part in a conference organized by AML Press – TechnoSteel Poland during ITM Polska 2018 fair in Poznań. Speakers and audience were steel producers, steel distributors, customers and influencers.

One of the lectures was given by Marcin Dworecki, Abraservice Product Manager, addressing the topic of wear-resistant steels special properties and their applications in modern industry. He detailed some key differences between CREUSABRO® steels and conventional wear-resistant steels.

At first, conventional wear-resistant steels are subject to hardness loss at working temperatures over 220 °C while CREUSABRO® can work/operate/be applied up to 500 °C with only a slight drop of hardness, making it a more effective solution in different abrasion-resistant applications. Thanks to its heat resistance, CREUSABRO® can be pre-heated prior to thermal cutting and welding, starting from 70 mm of combined thickness which is twice as thick as found in conventional wear resistant steels. A very technically efficient and cost-saving solution for customers.

Secondly, due to the TRIP effect (Transformation Induced Plasticity), CREUSABRO® is suitable for multipurpose applications involving different wearing mechanisms and materials. The TRIP effect allows the steel to harden in service and gain 70 HBW, a huge increase compared to the flat hardness guaranteed by conventional wear-resistant steels. These additional 70 HBW can grant CREUSABRO® steels up to a 100 % increase of working time.

Thirdly, CREUSABRO® is easier to work with. Compared to conventional wear-resistant steels, bending, drilling, welding and cutting are much more effective due to lower hardness at the time of delivery and a more stable microstructure achieved by slower cooling rate during quenching.

By choosing CREUSABRO®, customers benefit from a easier to handle steel during production and higher final hardness in work conditions due to TRIP effect. Fewer required tools for drilling and machining, more holes and beveling operations with a single tool, improved dimensional accuracy thanks to a lower amount of residual stresses.

As a conclusion, the original metallurgical concept of CREUSABRO® grants the material a very significant improvement of performance in terms of wear resistance and processability, making this product especially fit for extreme applications, when severe abrasion conditions are combined with plastic deformation, heat or moderate corrosion.

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