Creusabro® 8000 in Metal Recycling Shredder with SACKERS

Increased lifetime of liners, previously lasted 2 months, now lasting 4 to 5 months

Our customer, Sackers Scrap Metal & Waste Recycling, wanted to know which grade would last the longest in their application: metal recycling shredder liners.

They ordered a set of liners in 400HB and Creusabro® 8000 to do a comparison.

The 400HB liners lasted just 2 months whilst the Creusabro® 8000 liners lasted 4 to 5 months giving 100 – 150% extra wear life when compared to 400HB.

Not only does the C8000 work out cheaper when we compare the £’s per hour of the parts but it also reduces the amount of plant downtime for changing parts.

Abraservice UL and Sackers - metal recycling liners

Sackers Scrap Metal & Waste Recycling

Key facts

  • Customer: Sackers Scrap Metal & Waste Recycling
  • Country: UK
  • Industry: Metal Recycling
  • Application: Shredder
  • Steel grade: Creusabro® 8000
  • Aim of change: Increase wearlife of liners
  • Previous steel grade: 400HB
  • Customer’s benefit: Increased lifetime of liners, previously lasted 2 months, now lasting 4 to 5 months

Cement plant chute upgrades using CREUSABRO® 8000

Abraservice UK were asked to give advice on upgrading chutes at one of Hanson’s cement plants. The customer was having issues with existing liner plates breaking (chrome carbide overlay plate) or falling off (ceramic) due to impact. They were looking for a solution to eradicate the need for constant maintenance and expensive clean-up costs from the excessive amounts of dust leaking from the chutes.

We recommended using CREUSABRO® 8000 to replace the damaged liners and backing plates based on its unique concept. The CREUSABRO® grades strongly improve their wear resistance in service by surface hardening up to +70 HB (known as the TRIP-effect). The soft quenching rates produce a uniform through-hardened plate with lower levels of residual stress resulting in higher levels of crack resistance. The grades are also suitable for continuous use at higher operating temperatures; the specific chemical composition and microstructure make the material more resistant to softening. Cement plants are well known for having issues caused by impact, abrasion (wet or dry), and high temperatures which made CREUSABRO® 8000 the perfect choice.

On approval of the material we went back to site to do a full scope of work which included measuring up 11 different chutes for new liners and backing plates where needed and making suggestions of improvements to chutes with other issues (flow / damage). We provided detailed layouts for fitting on site by contractors and created a full parts library for ease of ordering spares.

These pictures show some of the work being completed…

We would like to thank Hanson Cement for the opportunity and work, we look forward to working with you again in future.

Abraservice France dans la presse

"Abraservice expédie ses aciers spéciaux dans le monde entier" - Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire.

Abraservice Lyon et rétro-ingénierie

Abraservice Lyon a livré à son client Solover, spécialiste du traitement et du recyclage du verre, des cônes en Creusabro 4800 d'épaisseur 5 mm.

Abraservice Lyon a pris en charge la fourniture de la matière, la découpe, le formage et la peinture. Mais surtout, l'équipe a réalisé ces pièces sans plan d'origine et a eu recours à la rétro-ingénierie : un prestataire externe a effectué un scan 3d de l'installation avec une résolution de quelques dixièmes de millimètre, permettant à Abraservice de reconstruire la forme des pièces.

Le montage chez le client a été réalisé sans aucune difficulté.

Fragmentising Mill liner plates produced in-house from Creusabro® 8000

Fragmentising Mill liner plates - Creusabro® 8000 - Abraservice UK

Fragmentising Mill liner plates - Creusabro® 8000 - Abraservice UK

Fragmentising Mill liner plates - Creusabro® 8000 - Abraservice UK

Fragmentising Mill liner plates - Creusabro® 8000 - Abraservice UK

Training session by Magotteaux

The company Magotteaux, world leader in process optimization solutions for high abrasion extracting industries, invited Abraservice to provide a training session about Creusabro steels. Magotteaux has been using Creusabro and benefitting from its special properties on a daily basis for several years.

Abraservice Product Manager and General Manager for Belgium offered a presentation aimed at the Magotteaux international sales team, leading to a rich discussion about the steel properties and how they grant the final products outstanding qualities. With Creusabro steels, the innovative machines and wear parts designed by Magotteaux give the company an advantage in their branch of industry.

The most important strength of the Creusabro steels according to Magotteaux is their performance consistency and incredible wear resistant properties: the Creusabro 8000 can work 50 % longer than conventional 500 HBW wear resistant steels. They are also highly resistant to high surface pressure and to cracking at low temperatures.

These special properties can be obtained through strictly controlled chemical composition and quenching process. Metallurgical speaking, Creusabro steels are multiphase steels with retained austenite produced on purpose. During plastic deformation, retained austenite transforms to martensite which gives surface hardness increase by 70 HBW.

Hence, Creusabro steels on delivery are much easier to machine and form than conventional wear resistant steels and become much more harder and resistant to wear during work.