Duroxite overlay
Duroxite overlay


Duroxite® overlay products are designed for your most extreme wear situations targeting abrasion, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear.

Top 5 reasons to choose Duroxite®

1.Premium overlay product

As the manufacturer of the well-known Hardox® wear plate you can expect the same top quality overlay product with Duroxite® to maintain a long service life.


Wear properties guaranteed throughout overlay plate and pipe down to 75 % of overlay. – Overlay thickness for plates and pipes delivered within ±10%.

3.Wide product range

Targeted to different types of wear including abrasion, impact, heat, metal to metal and erosion wear.

4.Unique products

– Duroxite® 101 with Hardox® wear plate backing provides increased impact resistance.

5.Good formability

Due to staggered cracking pattern on overlay surface.

What is Duroxite®?

Duroxite® overlay products are designed for your most extreme wear situations targeting abrasion, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear. Overlay is manufactured by depositing layers of materials on backing materials using arc welding processes. The deposited materials usually provide different properties from backing materials, such as wear resistance, impact resistance, or metal-to-metal wear properties. The performance of Duroxite® saves money and improves productivity in a wide range of applications thanks to higher output and less maintenance.

Guaranteed overlay thickness, guaranteed overlay properties

Duroxite® overlay plates and pipes are delivered with an overlay thickness guaranteed within ±10%. This is consistent throughout the material and between individual plates and pipes. The wear properties of Duroxite® are also guaranteed throughout the overlay down to 75% of the overlay thickness. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer necessary to maintain fusion line bonding to the base material.

Wide products range

Duroxite® is particularly well suited to face sliding wear from exceptionally hard particles. Duroxite® is delivered as plate and wire, ready for installation on your equipment or further application in your workshop. Depending on application, a wide range of products with different properties – hardness, impact resistance as well as heat resistance — is available.

Which overlay will suit you?

Do you know which overlay will fit with your application? Check the properties below and learn more:

Sliding wear

table of Duroxite sliding wear

Severe sliding wear

table of Duroxite severe sliding wear

Looking for help deciding on an overlay?

Our team at Abraservice will help you back on your feet in no time and will tailor your solutions to your needs. Contact us and we‘ll get back to you quickly.

Knowledge and expertise

Duroxite® overlay is designed by SSAB’s experts in wear technology and produced by the leading company in welding consumables as well as equipment. Both companies worked out the best possible hard-facing process and chromium carbide welding consumables in order to achieve the best possible properties. This cooperation brought our customers incredible products which provide longer service time than other CCO plates available on the market. Duroxite®’s overlay is measured from top surface to initial base surface, which gives real overlay thickness. This means you get what you are paying for: optimum weld overlay carbide concentration and consistently good abrasion resistance from the top surface through 75% depth of overlay.

DUROXITE® in fabrication

Duroxite® is designed to be hard, without giving you a hard time in the workshop. Even the most worn-out equipment can be rebuilt and repaired to perform as new. With our broad product offering, including Hardox® wear plate and Duroxite®, and top-of-the-line processing equipment, you are able to restore products of practically any condition, size and design.

Installing Duroxite®

No special equipment is needed to install Duroxite® products. Welding and bolting are the common methods for installing Duroxite® overlay plate or wear parts onto your equipment. When joining base metal use 480 MPa or 560 MPa consumables. Any surface exposed to severe wear should be protected with hard-surfacing consumables. Cap welding a Duroxite® product with Duroxite® Wire ensures the weld will have the same wear resistance, resulting in a consistent service life for the entire overlay product.

Safety precautions

When welding or cutting Duroxite® products, smoke is produced containing harmful fumes and gases that are chemically highly complex and difficult to easily classify. The major toxic component in the fumes and gases produced in the process is hexavalent chromium. The proper exhaust ventilation equipment and fume-extraction torches are recommended, as well as suitable protective clothing and respiratory protection for operators.

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Duroxite overlay


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