Agriculture and forestry wear parts

The Agriculture industry is one of the oldest industries as well as one of the most challenging. Due to different working environments, structural and wear parts can be loaded indifferent ways, resulting in different types of wear. Agriculture machines and wear parts are evolving quickly with greater needs for modern steels. Machines have to be more powerful and wear-resistant as well as lighter than before. These tough requirements demand the best possible solutions.

Abraservice has a wide variety of agriculture products to solve the industry’s problems. Hardox® wear plate, the world’s leading wear-resistant steel, brings all the best possible properties to agriculture machines and parts. Hardox® steels are extremely hard and impact resistant as well as workshop friendly. Hardox® wear plate increases the lifetime of wear parts, the payload of trailers, as well as the overall properties of heavy loaded structural components.

Wear tools made of Hardox® steels overlaid with Duroxite® can increase service life by five times compared to conventional boron steel parts. Different wear parts made of Hardox® 600 or Duroxite® last longer and are lighter, which results in less impact on the environment.

Agriculture and forestry

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